Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this summer

i'm gonna start working on my writing skill and on my poetry

i would really appreciate any advice on getting better


  1. You have set some great goals. I noticed that you have been running. Have you been doing it long? Is it a solitary activity or do you compete with other youth.

    I know I would be interested in reading your thoughts as a teenager on things many adults wish we had a window on. Like I don't understand about video games.

    So writing about video games 101 might be interesting to us. I think many of would like to know about what interests you as a young person. What do you feel strongly about. Things you are good at.

    These are the things I look at as I choose what I am going to write about.

  2. thank you for sharing that and sorry i haven't been on in a long time and i appreciate ur comment and will try my best to answer ur questions